Instructional Systems Design

Creates formal and comprehensive training based on careful needs assessment results to fill gaps or improve learning experiences. Specialized methods are applied to achieve favorable results.
Course Conversion Graphic

Courseware Conversions

With the recent discontinuation of Adobe Flash, there is a high need to convert Flash based eLearning courses such as CBTs to HTML5.  Older learning methods are upgraded and modernized.

Workforce Development

Help adults seeking opportunities to improve skills and career goals with career counseling. Help organizations achieve improved employee performance through customized services.

Graphic, Media, & Web Design

Creativity in full force when developing gamified learning and other media products. Photography, art, audio, sound, music, video, 3D animations, and AR/VR simulations using specialty styles and unique methods.

Training & Conference Facilitation

Seasoned trainers and facilitators conduct traditional face-to-face or virtual training, conferences, public speaking events, and presentations. 

Medical & Mental Health IT, EHR, Billing

Manage electronic health record programs to support end users, mitigate operational challenges, and facilitate training. Assist providers and patients with medical billing, credentialing, insurance collections.