Training Mode Incorporated, TMI for short, is based on the core passion for helping people and organizations succeed and grow. Playing a key role in growth and improvement of new and current industry practices is the ultimate reward. Love for learning and creativity are the driving forces for TMI’s foundation.

Creativity is one of TMI’s core assets. From the beginning, client needs are approached with custom solutions so maximum success is achieved. Customization includes application of specific criteria unique to the service and products delivered to clients. Businesses, organizations, and individuals frequently run into obstacles, challenges, and plateaus which can be easily improved with a needs analysis and innovative approaches to fill gaps or needs. TMI follows Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methods because the ISD method is a systematic approach to creatively address industry needs and produce innovative solutions. Additionally, applying adult learning methods primarily focuses on what drives humans to improve and grow.

The first step towards growth and improvement is determining what measures are necessary to develop or improve operations and, or, to maximize return on investment (ROI). This is where TMI comes in. Problems and challenges are assessed and analyzed to help define the needs or gaps. Afterwards, the most favorable solutions are developed in order to fill those needs or gaps. If the solution is training, Human Performance Improvement and Adult Learning theories based on Instructional System Design methods are applied in order to achieve the most beneficial outcomes. If the solution is process, operations, or equipment improvement, TMI will assist by developing linkages, building new or improved processes and operations, or connect clients with necessary resources to achieve beneficial solutions.

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