The first step is to determine gaps and root causes. Completion of this step is the foundation of specially tailored solutions.


The second step is to create a game plan. Completion of this step provides custom design for determined solutions.


The third step puts the game plan to work. Completion of this step implements the plan by creating the final product.
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Training Mode Inc. specializes in helping members of the community attain desired outcomes for their businesses, projects and programs, careers, training, or personal improvement. Some of the services we provide are instructional design; workforce development; training facilitation; website development; graphic design, videography, and animation; information technology; clinical information systems; career advising; team building events; customer service coaching.


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Courseware Conversions

Convert courses and training programs from older methods or platforms to more modern methods or platforms. Some examples are: conversion of paper handouts to elearning products, PowerPoint to computer/online based training, Flash based to HTML5. 

Instructional Design

Determine gaps and needs, design learning solutions, develop learning experiences,  implement learning products, and assess learning success and product quality.

Graphic, Media, & Web Design

Create graphic, media, and web design products to include web development, 3D animation, VR simulations, gaming for learning, special effects, art, audio, and music. 

Workforce Development

Human performance improvement, professional development, soft skills training, occupational training, and coordination of linkages between industry and training programs or academia. 

Clinical Information Systems & Management & Training

Manage electronic health record programs to support end users, advise on latest requirements, mitigate operational challenges, and develop & facilitate training.

Healthcare & Mental Health Services Billing Management & Training

Assist and train healthcare businesses and patients on medical billing, credentialing, and insurance collections. 

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Meet the CEO

Hi, I’m Maria Odey, the founder and CEO of Training Mode Incorporated. I hold a Masters of Art in Instructional Design and Technology with focus on eLearning, and a Bachelors of Science in Workforce Education and Development. My expertise stems from many years of specializing in customer service and client support, quality assurance, project management, training and development, business management, and healthcare business. Upon having trained a wide range of knowledge and skill sets, and having developed custom training and service products, I decided to establish Training Mode Incorporated so I can share my expertise through TMI’s services. I am here to support our clients and communities near and far by providing topnotch customer service as we produce creative, innovative, and unique learning experiences and business solutions. I am passionate about helping people, businesses, and organizations succeed. It is my pleasure to support you!
Picture of CEO

Maria Odey

CEO & Instructional Designer

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