CAGE Code: 8CJ42

DUNS Number: 080288341

Government Business POC: Maria Odey


Office Phone: (850) 640-1111

Cell Phone: (989) 278-9866

Location: Panama City, FL 32404

Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business

Training Mode Incorporated
Where Innovative Solutions are Created


*611430: Professional & Management Development Training
541611: Management Consultant Service
541613: Marketing Consulting Services
541618: Other Management Consulting
541690: Other Scientific & Tech Consulting Services
541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
561990: All Other Support Services
611420: Computer Training
611710: Educational Support Services


Training Mode Inc. is a training and development, media creation, information technology, and business solutions consulting company servicing government, military, medical & mental health services, scientific programs, community, non-profit organizations, academia, and business industry. We specialize in applying adult learning and human performance improvement methodologies to delivering solution-based services. Our strategic approach fine-tunes service delivery success by applying comprehensive needs analyses to determine gaps and develop most applicable solutions. Collaboration with clients, subject matter experts (SMEs), associates, and our service professionals ensures we deliver upmost quality products and services.


U001:  Ed/Training – Lectures
U002:  Ed/Training – Personnel Testing
U004:  Ed/Training – Scientific/Management
U006:  Ed/Training – Vocational/Technical
U008:  Ed/Training – Curriculum Development
U009:  Education/Training – General
U011:  Education/Training – AIDS/HIV
U013:  Education/Training – Combat
U014:  Education/Training – Security
U012:  Ed/Training – IT/Telecom. Training
U099:  Education/Training – Other
6910:  Training Aids
H269:  Equipment & Materials Testing
D308:  IT & Telecom. – Programming
T001:  Photo/Map/Pub. – Arts/Graphics
T010:  Photo/Map/Pub – General Photo: Still
T015:  Photo/Map/Pub – General Photo.: Motion


Workforce Education & Development Instructional Systems Design Course Development & Conversion Multimedia & AR/VR Development Program & Project Management Information Technology & Security Human Performance Improvement

Training Delivery Methods
     •  Instructor-led
     •  Computer-based
     •  eLearning & Blended/Hybrid
     •  Captivate, Articulate Storyline
     •  Gaming & Simulation
     •  Microlearning


We offer free consultation and screening. 
Our products include contingency planning for disaster relief measures.
Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business.
Years of experience in military and civil sector.
Our services are innovative, pragmatic, and full spectrum. What does all that mean? We approach problem solution and product creation with a full circle approach by devoting attention to multiple aspects of client and production needs. Upon completion of our services, our approach will have traveled full circle to ensure ultimate quality and timely delivery has been provided.


•  Training development management for behavioral health services and electronic health record management.
•  Clinical Systems & Electronic Health Record management.
•  Instructional Systems Design for US Air Force web & paper based training products.